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If you need advice this section is for you. Just email me whatever you need advice on and your first name at Then I will post the question and my response on this page. I will also post your name along with the question but if you would like it to be secret I won't put your name. Also, if you would like to be a person who answers answers people who need advice email me at

My best friend has been lying a lot lately and it's beginning to annoy me, what should I do?
My BF's a lyer!

Dear My BF's a lyer!,
I think that if your friends going to continue to lie then you should confront her about her lying and ask her to stop if she doesn't maybe you should be friends with her for awhile until she stops lying.

My boyfriend flirts with other girls all the time and really really bugs me what should I do?
Flirty Boyfriend

Dear Flirty Boyfriend,
Honestly, I think your boyfriends a jerk flirting with other girls when he's going out with you. I would ditch him if I were you. But if he's means that much to you just tell him how you feel and ask him to stop.

My problem is that I recently discovered that my best friend is completely fake. She always has to be the center of attention, she does dumb things to get attention and sympathy, she is a poser, she lies, and she just recently e-mailed my friend and told him, "None of my friends are there for me,'' which is NOT true because I have always been a good friend to her. She just said that to him to get his attention and sympathy. How should I handle this situation?
Fake Best Friend

Dear Fake Best Friend,
I think that you should tell your friend to stop acting like a fake and saying stuff that's not true. If she doesn't stop tell her that you'd rather be friends with people who are nice and act like themselves. If your friendship with her does mean a lot to you, then keep trying to get her to act like herself.

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