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Sweet Valley are book series. The Sweet Valley book series that will be on this page are the newest ones Sweet Valley Jr. High, Sweet Valley High: Senior Year and Sweet Valley University.

Sweet Valley Jr. High
SVJH came out in Janurary 1999.
SVJH is written by Jamie Suzannie.
SVJH is created by Francine Pascal.
SVJH's reading level is for 9-12 year olds but if your old there still enjoyable.

May 2000
160 Pages

1. Get Real
2. One 2 Many
3. Soulmates
4. The Cool Crowd
5. Boy, Friend
6. Lacey's Crush
7. How To Ruin A Friendship
8. Cheating On Anna
9. Too Popular
10. Twin Switch
11. Got A Problem?
12. Third Wheel
13. Three Days, Two Night
14. My Perfect Guy
15. Hands Off!
16. Keepin' It Real
17. Whatever
18. True Blue
19. She Loves Me Not
20. Wild Child

Sweet Valley High: Senior Year
SVHSY came out in Janurary 1999.
SVHSY is written by Kate Williams.
SVHSY is created by Francine Pascal.
SVHSY's is for young adults and teens.

May 2000
192 Pages

1. Can't Stay Away
2. Say It To My Face
3. So Cool
4. I've Got a Secret
5. If You Only Knew
6. Your Basic Nightmare
7. Boy Meets Girl
8. Maria Who
9. The One Who Got Away
10. Broken Angel
12. Bad Girl
13. All About Love
14. Split Decision
15. On My Own
16. Three Guys and a Girl
17. Backstabber
18. As If I Care
19. It's My Life
20. Nothing Is Forever

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